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Las Vegas, NV 89117
Fax: 702-800-3112
“My goal is to use the skills with which God has equipped me to service your health care needs in the most compassionate and efficient way.”

Abeni Allen


I have lived in Las Vegas and worked in the medical field since 1997. I am married with five children and one amazing granddaughter. I enjoy helping people and have compassion for the homeless community. My husband and I serve as youth directors at our church.

Patient Impact

Before my patient had surgery, she told me, "I know you do this all the time, but I am scared." I immediately took her into a room to comfort her. That was in 2004. She told me she is still our patient because that day I cared and listened.

Personal Favorites

My favorite movies are The Color Purple and A Night at The Roxbury. My favorite books are the Bible and Sacred Marriage. My favorite place to vacation is Cancun.

Volunteer Experience

Coral Academy of Science, Co-Founder of Sickle Cell Nonprofit, Organizer of Biannual Homeless Outreach Event in Las Vegas