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Las Vegas, NV 89117
Fax: 702-800-3112
“As the operations manager, I am focused on ensuring that your care is tailored and delivered according to your schedule. We will treat you with respect and care while ensuring that the Mouth-Body Connection is discussed and addressed accordingly.”

Thaisha Edgeworth


A Chicago native, I bring to Nevada a warmth and compassion that is a mark of the migration from the south. I have worked in healthcare for many years and have acquired much knowledge of best practices while upholding ethics that are beneficial to the patient.

Patient Impact

My most fulfilling experiences with patients occur when I can encourage change. Change can be difficult, but guidance and support can make it that much easier. Being a catalyst for positive change makes every day valuable. My team makes that attainable.

Personal Favorites

My favorite book is Who Moved My Cheese? I believe that everyone can identify with the loss of focus and confusion that comes with our goals and plans being altered. What is most important is how we revamp and recover.

Volunteer Experience

The Glass Slipper Project